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Curb Appeal Roofing Construction Owens Corning total Protection Roofing System and SureNail Shingle


Oklahoma City Roofing with Owens Corning Products

Owens Corning certificationThe Right Roofing Products Must Work Together To Protect Your Oklahoma City Roof.

It's important to know how and what materials to use to protect your home's roof.

We at Curb Appeal Roofing Construction in Oklahoma City also like Owen's Corning's roofing products. Since we're all about educating our clients so that they can make the best choices, let's take a look at a few of their roofing products that work well on Oklahoma City roofs. On this page, we'll look at the components of the roof and the products that must cover those parts.

An Oklahoma City roof is made up of shingles PLUS a group of components that are layered and that are made to work together to protect your home.

Components of a roof include:

  • The Deck - base of the roof; usually plywood.
  • The Underlayment - layer of material that is installed between the deck and shingles.
  • The Ridge - where parts of the roof meet to form a horizontal line
  • Valleys - where two parts of the roof meet to form a sloped vertical section, allowing water to run off.
  • Ridge Vent - exhaust vent that is installed to run horizontally along the peak of the roof;  allows warm, humid air to escape from the attic. Very important to have a quality ventilation system for all season. Value is often overlooked.
  • The Gable - where parts of the roof meet to form a triangular shape
  • Metal Drip Edge - non-corrosive used at the edge of the ridge to help water to run off the roof
  • The Eave - this is the lower part of the roof. It overhangs the walls of the building.
  • Ice and Water Barrier - self-adhesive, waterproofing membrane installed along the eaves and valleys.  Protects these areas against damage from ice and wind-driven rain
  • Undereave Vent - Intake vents installed and located under the eaves of the roof.  Helps allow air to circulate through the roof and to draw cool, dry air into the attic
  • Hip - this is the where two planes of your roof intercept to form a ridge. Proper materials must be installed at this location to prevent leaks.

It is critical to know what materials to install together, how to install them, and when to install them. 

Curb Appeal Roofing Construction, an Oklahoma City Roofing company, is an Owens Corning Certified Installed roofer.

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